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The San Anselmo Co-Operative Nursery School is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, owned and administered by the parents of the current year's children. The goal of the preschool is to foster physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual growth in each child, which we have been doing since 1947. Originally our school was located in Fairfax. After several moves it found its permanent home here in San Anselmo.

A co-operative nursery school provides a unique experience for families who wish to be involved in their children's education and learn alongside them. By sharing parenting issues, insights, joys and struggles, parents gain a sense of community with one another and a greater understanding of their own child's development. Through their participation, parents create the kind of school they desire for their children. Their many talents, strengths and interests provide the energy that fuels the school. By relying on parent ingenuity, teamwork and labor, we keep fees low and the school available to a wide spectrum of people.

The Co-op provides a flexible daily routine, striving to achieve a balance of spontaneity with structure. Cooking, art and science projects are provided by parents so the curriculum is ever-changing and draws upon the experience and knowledge of participants. This structure is the backbone of the community-based philosophy that is the essence of the Co-op experience.

Your child will learn:

•   The joy of expression through beautiful and messy materials
•   How to interact with his/her peers
•   That adults are interested in his/her efforts
•   That learning and fun are synonymous

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